• Kushal Kumar Jha

China refuses to congratulate Joe Biden just yet | joins Russia & Mexico in following similar stance

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin. Photo: Old File

China on Monday refused to congratulate Joe Biden as the winner of the U.S. Presidential election just yet. Chinese Foreign Ministry has endorsed the American polls to be determined by the country's laws and procedures. China is yet to come out with an official reaction to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's victory in the November 3 Presidential election. However, the official media in China is carrying out commentaries on U.S. election results. When pointed out by the media that China is one of the few countries which has not yet made a statement on the U.S. Presidential election results, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, "We have noticed that Mr. Biden declared he is the winner of the election. Our understanding is that the outcome of the election will be determined in accordance with the U.S. laws and procedures”. Asked when will China make its statement or will it wait until President Donald Trump makes his stand clear, Mr. Wang said that they will follow international customary practices. "China is among a handful of major countries including Russia and Mexico, that have not congratulated the President-elect. Mr. Trump, a Republican, has refused to concede defeat to his Democratic challenger, Mr. Biden," he added. On the China-U.S. relations which have touched a new low under Mr. Trump, Mr. Wang said, "We have always advocated that China and the U.S. should step up communication and dialogue, manage differences based on mutual respect, expand cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit and promote the sound and stable development of China-U.S. relations". Mr. Wang was more forthcoming on the victory of Kamala Harris as the first woman Vice-President-elect. "In China, there is a saying that women hold half of the sky. China has been committed to realising gender equality and advancing women’s development around the world,” he said. “Mr. Trump’s four years in power were the worst phase in China-U.S. relations as the ruling Communist Party of China headed by President Xi struggled to deal with what China’s officials say is the most elusive and unpredictable American leader ever since the former U.S. President Richard Nixon in 1972 established ties with the Communist nation,” he added.

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