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Chinese Fighter aircraft Su-30 & J-10 intrudes Taiwan's airspace in a 'severely provocative' measure

Taiwan warns China after it's Fighter aircraft Su-30 & J-10 intrudes Taiwan's airspace and enters the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) for two consecutive days on Thursday.

The consecutive incidents of intrusion happened during the large scale joint air and naval exercises conducted by China on Wednesday and Thursday. China claims the territory of the democratic island nation and has been pushing Taiwan to accept the Chinese rule for a long time now. This latest act of intrusion has been seen as the latest provocative measure by Beijing to intimidate Taipei into surrendering to communist China.

An ADIZ is an area that surrounds a territory's airspace and acts as a buffer against hostile incursions such as an alien aircraft entering the zone without warning.

The drills conducted by the Chinese threaten regional stability and international aviation, according to Taiwan Deputy Defence Minister Chang Che-ping.


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