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Click to know why the decision to conduct JEE and NEET exams right now is good for students

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

students giving JEE and NEET examination in India during corona virus crisis or COVID

JEE and NEET exams are one of India's most competitive exams conducted every year. In 2020 because of COVID 19 cases and due to the nationwide lockdown, exams were being delayed without a definite timeline.

Considering there's no downfall in the number of cases rising in India. There seems to be no end to the pandemic just yet and the situation seems grim without any promising Indian vaccine for the virus.

The bright side is that India has a great recovery rate which is one of the best worldwide. With recent contractions of the economy in the previous quarter of the economic year, precautions and safety measures seems a better option for India to get things back on track. There's no solution but to accept the new normal. Also, the COVID 19 is only lethal for the elder people or people already having some ailments from before.

Delaying the entrance examinations any further thinking that situation will be better in the future is nothing but a delusion. Any further delay would lead to the loss of a precious academic year of students. We certainly cannot even imagine conducting these exams next year altogether with double the competition. Double competition next academic year would have resulted in a rise in suicide cases among the students. There would also be a problem of providing age relaxation in government jobs and entrance examinations for higher education.

There's no doubt that students will still face many obstacles specifically on the day of exams. State governments should be the ones taking care of the commuting needs of the aspiring students at least in flood ridden states.

students waiting for exam and their results with eagerness and anxiety

Considering all these points there's no pause in career or education or the economy perhaps. Everything needs to be back to normal soon despite the ongoing pandemic which seems to be now a part of our daily lives for the long term.

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