• Kushal Kumar Jha

Hindu temple in Karachi vandalised, idols broken over blasphemy allegation on a minority boy

Source: Twitter@johnaustin47

A Hindu temple on late Sunday night in Pakistan's Karachi has been vandalised by a group of people over blasphemy allegations that were made against a boy belonging to the minority Hindu community. The mob has allegedly vandalised and defaced the temple premises while also desecrating the Hindu deity idols. The incident happened in the salaar compound of Karachi's Lyari area. According to reports, this incident marks the third such incident of vandalism of Hindu temples in Pakistan in 20 days.

According to London based Pakistani human rights activist and spokeswoman for justice for minorities in Pakistan, only 20 out of 428 temples are now left in the Islamic Republic. Such hateful incidents are rising rapidly in Pakistan. A few weeks before, a person had vandalised a temple in Pakistan's southeast Sindh province.

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