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Indian Railways makes history as for the first time its chairman is appointed as CEO

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Indian Railways Reforms
Indian Railways

Approved by the appointments committee of the Union Cabinet, the current chairman of the railway board VK Yadav has been appointed as its CEO.

The Union Cabinet had earlier approved major restructuring reforms of the Indian Railway Board. The strength of the Railway Board has been reduced to five from earlier eight members.

According to a PTI report, Apart from appointing VK Yadav as the CEO of the board, the Cabinet has also appointed the following:

1. PC Sharma as member, Traction & Rolling stock;

2. Pradeep Kumar as member, Infrastructure;

3. PS Mishara as member, Operations & Business Development;

4. Manjula Rangarajan as the member, Finance.

The three members level posts which have been surrendered are Engineering, Staff and Materials Management. This major rearrangement has made the CEO responsible for Human Resources with assistance from the DG (Human Resources).

Indian Railways Health Service is going to be the new name of the Indian Railway Medical Service. The Indian Railways believe that these reforms will help end departmentalism in the Railways and improve the core functioning of the Board.

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