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Kerala: Ambulance driver arrested for allegedly raping a teen COVID 19 positive patient

108 ambulance service kerela

A 108 ambulance service driver has been arrested by the police officials in an alleged rape case. The 25-year-old ambulance driver had allegedly raped a COVID 19 positive teen girl in a heinous act of crime.

According to a report, the sinful act of rape was committed late Saturday night when the accused was taking two patients to different hospitals. After dropping an elderly woman patient, the driver changed the route to the hospital in Pandalam where the teen girl was supposed to drop off to an empty ground and committed the crime.

Nowfal, 25 years old driver is now been removed from the 108 ambulance service.

Police officials from Pathanamthitta are probing the case. Kerela's Health Minister KK Shailaja has directed the police officials to be strict against the accused in the probe.

India has been seeing a steady rise in coronavirus cases. Kerela is currently believed to be witnessing the second wave of COVID 19 cases. Even during the pandemic, there's no decline in crime against women which shows how low humanity has fallen.

This is not the first incident where a corona positive patient was sexually abused. Earlier in July, 2 people were also arrested for the alleged rape of a teen COVID 19 positive patient.

India needs more serious legislation to control this rise of crime against women.

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