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Man accused in kidnapping & sexual assault of minor fuels fresh communal divide

A 28-year-old man from UP's Saharanpur accused in the kidnapping & sexual assault of a 7-year-old in Haryana's Panipat had chopped his hand while trying to escape, according to Haryana Police Officials.

Haryana Police has registered the FIR in the heinous crime. The accused is supposed to be arrested immediately under the POSCO act. However, the accused is back in his hometown, and an arrest is likely to be made soon.

Senior police officer Satish Kumar Vats said, "On the intervening night of August 23 and 24, this 28-year-old man allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a seven-year-old child who was sleeping with his family (at their home). The child's home is near the rail tracks. According to the family, they rescued the child and caught the 28-year-old but he managed to escape. The family, without contacting the cops, got the MLR of the child from a local hospital".

There is an attempt being made by the accused's brother to communalize the whole incident. The brother of the accused has alleged that Ikhlaq was attacked by a group of people because of his religion. They were the ones who chopped his hands off and left him near the rail track. The Family of the accused has also filed an FIR in the incident.

Given the communal angle in the sensitive case involving the sexual assault of a minor, Media and people should refrain from making any judgments and let the law take its course.


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