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Meet Priya Darshini, whose debut album PERIPHERY just got nominated for Grammy Awards

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Photo: Instagram/Priyism

Meet Priya Darshini, a 36-year-old powerful woman who dons many hats. From singing to acting to even being an athlete, there's nothing which she can't do. In a big feat, Priya Darshini just got nominated for the 63rd edition of the Annual Grammy Awards. Her debut album 'PERIPHERY' has been nominated in the 'Best New Age Album' category. The Grammy Awards are due to be held on 31st January 2021. Priya Darshini is currently based in Brooklyn, New York City, and has been working as a singer, composer, songwriter, and voice over artist. Priya Darshini's record label 'Chesky Records' had submitted her album for the awards back in September 2020. The list of nominees for this year's Grammy Awards was announced recently on 24th November. The news of her being nominated for the Grammy took her by surprise, "This was completely unexpected. I try and stay focused on doing the work and detach from results," she said while talking to us at FPI. While she was on cloud nine for a moment, she's now back to her work- writing, practicing, and teaching music. "This is a dream come true for any artist, and I am deeply grateful for it," she added. She also took to her Twitter handle to express her happiness.

Priya Darshini has been named after her grandmother, who was a brilliant Bharatnatyam dancer and a classical singer. Interestingly, in another astonishing feat, the talented musician is also the first Indian woman to complete the 100-mile Himalayan Ultra Marathon. Apart from being a super fit athlete, she also has a soft heart for the needy. According to a report published in Femina India, she has been voluntarily involved in helping cancer patients, encouraging girl-child education, among other NGO works. We, at Freedom Press India, wish her all the best for the awards.


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