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Meet Skyfall, Russia's nuclear-powered missile with 'Unlimited range'| launch by 2025

9M730 Burevestnik is a Russian nuclear-powered cruise missile reportedly under development with "Unlimited range & unlimited ability to maneuver" is expected to launch by 2025. NATO reportedly named this missile as Skyfall. It is also reported that the development of this missile is linked to the accidental deaths of five scientists in Nyonoksa due to a spike in radiation in an incident. “We are talking about the most advanced and unparalleled technical ideas and solutions about weapons design to ensure Russia’s sovereignty and security for decades to come," said Russian President Vladimir Putin in a ceremony on 21st November 2019 while posthumously awarding dead men's families who died while recovering the failed missile from the bed of the white sea. According to British Chief of Defence Intelligence, Lieutenant General James Hockenhull, Moscow is testing a nuclear powered subsonic missile system with global reach giving them attack capabilities from every direction. "Radically new type of weaponry that has unlimited range and unlimited ability to maneuver," said Russian President Vladimir Putin while describing the lethal missile.

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