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Russia says it will not sell arms to Pakistan, Finalizes AK 203 arms deal

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh meeting with Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu during a meeting in Russia
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh with Sergei Shoigu

During a meeting with Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday, Russia assured that it will not supply arms to Pakistan. Russia's relationship with the Islamic Republic is only limited to fight against terror.

The meeting was held between Rajnath Singh and General Sergei Shoigu, his Russian counterpart. Defence Ministry in a statement said that "The meeting coincides with Indra naval exercises which are to be conducted by the Indian and Russian naval forces at the Strait of Malacca over the next two days,”

Make in India initiative aimed at self-reliance in the defence sector of India is also greatly supported by Russia during the meeting that covered a wide range of areas of bilateral cooperation.

On Thursday itself India has finalized a major arms deal involving the manufacturing of AK-47 203 Assault Rifles in India as reported by the Russian media.

India and Russia have a long history of strategic cooperation in the defence sector. With the rising border tensions along LAC with China, it's important that India-Russia ties are at it's strongest ever.

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