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Satirical magazine CHARLIE HEBDO starts republishing allegedly blasphemous cartoons

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

French Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo publishes controversial cartoons on islam and prophet muhammad

PARIS- French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo starts republishing cartoons about Prophet Muhammad and Islam that invited deadly terror attacks in 2015 and claimed the lives of its 11 staff members.

This decision to republish the controversial cartoons by the Charlie Hebdo magazine coincides with the fact that the long-awaited trial of the terror attack has started on Wednesday. The cartoons were published on Tuesday online and on Wednesday in print copies of the magazine.

The editors of Charlie Hebdo magazine wrote that it was “unacceptable to start the trial without showing the pieces of evidence to readers and citizens. Not republishing the caricatures would have amounted to political or journalistic cowardice”.

On 7 January 2015, two Algerian descent French nationals and brothers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi charged into the office of Charlie Hebdo with a machine gun and heinously killed 11 staff members of the magazine, This includes an editor and many cartoonists. They even killed a police officer while trying to run away. Several others were wounded in the incident as well.

The whole world cannot help but wonder if this is a step of provocation by the magazine or is it a brave stand taken to show the world that press freedom will never be intimidated by such coward attacks carried out by the religious extremists.

We leave it up to the readers of this website to interpret if this is a good move by the satirical magazine or not.

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