• Kushal Kumar Jha

Teacher beheaded in France after allegedly showing Prophet Muhammad caricature to students

French President Emmanuel Macron called the attack an "Islamist terrorist attack"

France: A high school teacher in a Paris suburb was beheaded on Friday afternoon. The French authorities said that the teacher had allegedly shown the prophet Muhammad caricatures to students in his class. French President Emmanuel Macron called the attack an "assassination" and an "Islamist terrorist attack," President Macron also visited the crime scene and assessed the situation.

"One of our citizens was assassinated tonight because he was a teacher, because he taught students about the liberty of expression, the liberty to believe or not to believe," "Our countryman was the victim of a cowardly attack. The victim of an Islamist terrorist attack." President Macron added.

According to French news reports, the attack occurred near a school in the Paris suburb of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine northwest of Paris at around 5 PM. The French authorities have launched an anti-terror investigation into the alleged attack.

The suspected killer was armed with a knife and a plastic pellet gun and was later shot dead by the police in a nearby town.

The victim was a history and geography teacher at a high school and allegedly hosted a class discussion with secondary school students about cartoons of Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

The alleged attacker was reported to be 18 years old, of Chechen origin, and born in Moscow. However, his identity hasn't been disclosed by the French authorities yet.

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