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Why Freedom Press India is the right destination for your daily news consumption?

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

In the age of fake news, being up to date with what is going on in the country and world has become very important. Only the rightly informed citizens are most concerned about their welfare. It is the role of the media to uphold the value of righteousness and provide news from credible sources.

truth is what we at freedom press India always fight for

In Print media, news stories published are often based on a single ideology-driven opinion. Propagation of which may lead to a divide among the mindsets of citizens. Why follow someone else's perspective when citizens themselves are smart enough to assess and form their own opinions. The media should always aspire to disseminate facts and figures to the audience so that they can know to understand the ground reality better.

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Broadcasting media were never free right from their inception to the present. Previously the government used to own the national media broadcast and now the corporate entities own and rule most of them. How can citizens expect to understand the ground reality when tailored news is being fed to them. Day to day the standards of Indian television news channels are being degraded. News has been replaced by entertainment and sensationalism. Instead of showing the ground reports, national news channels are being dominated by studio created debates. The topic of these debates often holds no significance or isn't concluded within the time limit of the show.

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With the recent rise of new media, media has been given the breath of life like never before. New media not only provides complete freedom of speech but also provides a vast reach. The main problem which arose with the new media's rise is the dissemination of fake news. Fake news is the biggest threat to democracy as it aims to create only chaos and divide among the citizens. It's now up to the individual media outlets to adopt self-imposed regulations to uphold the spirit of democracy and publish the real news from credible sources.

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We at Freedom Press India aim to provide only the credible news to our readers without any bias or affiliation with the corporate world.

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